Thursday, October 4, 2012

teeter totters.

Life is one adventure after another.
It's already the fourth of October! Is that ridiculous to anyone else? Whatever. We are now in Belgium! The wifi here is so much better than France. I hear the chocolate is better too and I'm about to go test that out right now actually. But here are pictures from the past few days, a couple from every day since our stay in Chartres. Any questions? Feel free to ask. I may or may not answer.
 Our stay in Amboise.
This was a walking trail near the cottages we stayed at.
 Making a pit stop in the town of Loches in between a Loire Valley tour and Da Vinci's house.
One of the most exciting parks I've ever been to. I forgot how much I love teeter totters. It was on the grounds behind Da Vinci's house. I would hope that this is where he spent a lot of his time when he wasn't working.
On the grounds still, with the house behind us.
 Chateau de Chenonceau, which is going over the river. You can kind of tell by this picture below that the part on the right has little tunnel looking things under the windows. Those areas are where the river flows underneath the chateau.

St. Malo is on the beach! This was after church and I happened to be the only one who decided to change into pants and look like a bum. Let's be real here, when is that ever not the case?
 This is the next day in St. Malo, at high tide. We couldn't even get to the beach! The second half of the stairs were under the water, behind where I'm standing. Please do your best to zoom in on my face and imagine me yelling, "Take the picture, take the picture, take the picture!" Because that is what happened. The water was hitting the walls so hard that it splashed up onto the sidewalk that led to the town. Terrifying.
 Near the highest point of the town, this statue was pointing out to the ocean. Where to, I don't know. Obviously.

I don't know why my shirts don't stay down like I ask them to. I tried...I failed.
 Omaha Beach.
 One of the many pictures from the Normandy American Cemetary. It was so beautiful.
 The Germany Military Cemetary, also gorgeous.
Part of the tour of the Normandy Beaches--that guy with the mustache is Peter, our bus driver. He is so funny, I can't even try and explain how. His accent is thick and he loves to tell ridiculous stories.
 Bayeaux chapel! I swear, every town here has at least one. This one has been my favorite so far because of how lively and vibrant the stained glass was. I loved it.
One of the three guys on the trip spent his time at the house and gardens of Monet with US! What a party. These are the gardens that he based his piece "Water Lilies" off of. So amazing, I would go back in a heartbeat.
It was raining, hence my face poking out of a jacket.
Just so you know I haven't lost my ability to look absolutely ridiculous without trying all that hard...
There ya go.

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