Thursday, September 20, 2012

soo heavy.

Life is not a time to fit in but to stand out.
These pictures are out of order, so just pretend you know which day is which. I've referenced a lot of these pictures so hopefully, if you've kept on the other posts, you'll kind of remember what I'm talking about.
Our second day in France, going to church. Like I said before, it was just like the buildings along the rest of the street.

In front of the Palais de Justice later that day.

The pigeons don't care, they just fly right by and smack you upside the head with their wings.

Arc de Triomphe!

Saint-Michel fountaine.

One of the coolest bookstores ever.

 Seine River.
 View from our hotel room at sunrise.
The Eternal Flame dedicated at WWI and WWII for the Unknown Soldiers.
A man playing on the street while we sat eating crepes on a cobblestone street corner.
My "I'm at the freaking Louvre" face/stance.

Tour guide Sam explaining that this fountain is designed so people can't wash themselves in it. There are these fountains everywhere so it's been convenient when needing to refill water bottles.
"No fishing" in the Seine. I had to laugh.

This one too--he looks like he's struggling. It's soo heavy.
Eiffel Tower at night.

These are the exit signs. Again, I find them highly amusing.

The tomb of Napoleon III. You could've fit a lot more dead bodies in that but I don't think he liked sharing very much.

Statues around his tomb that I thought were way cooler than the actual tomb.

Outside of Musee les Invalides.

One of my favorite pieces at the Musee Rodin.
Eglise Saint Etienne DV Mont.
Heloise and Abelard, looking across at each other.

 I feel as if the locals don't think these places are as cool as I do.
Waiting outside the Louvre with some of the girls in our group.
Inside the Pantheon.
Just another ceiling in the Louvre, like it's not a big deal at all.
If you have specific requests on pictures, for example you want to see more from the Louvre or the walking tour we went on, do email me and I will try to get those up. I will try and upload a video soon from the other night at the Eiffel Tower when it was going crazy and glittering. But in the meantime.
There ya go.

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  1. look at you and your big exciting life! I enjoy the crosswalk man pictire the best...also the exit sign