Monday, September 10, 2012

to-do lists.

Life is full of things that need to get done.
The weekly grocery shopping, the dishes, homework for that class you knew you should've dropped weeks ago, a letter to a friend that you only ever see a few times a year, that application for that job that you don't actually want but just need, the list goes on. And no matter how many times you cross off the whole list, another one is already forming in your mind, ready to be scribbled on the next closest piece of scratch paper.
              For the past couple weeks, this has been a reoccuring event for me. As I prepare to leave this Friday, the 14th of September, for a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a Study Abroad Program through Brigham Young University, I still have a million and one things I need to get done. Since the day I read the acceptance email, to the day I applied for my passport, to today, where I printed out an international insurance card, time has been sneaking past me. To keep myself focused, I continually had a to-do list of prioritized "things" I had to get done. I've come to realize and accept that I will always have a to-do list. There will always be dishes to be done, always part of a house to be cleaned, dirty clothes to be washed, small children to entertain... as I said.
 The list goes on.

But as an optimist, shocking as that revelation might be, I believe the things that need to get done should never overshadow the things that you want to get done. I will do dishes while spending time with my roommates, clean while listening to whatever song is stuck in my head, small talk with the other person in the laundry room while I wait for the dryer to be done, and tickle my nieces until they are crying from laughing so hard. Realizing my lifetime worth of to-do lists have just begun, I've decided to invest in a LOT of little yellow notepads, ya know, like the ones from Costco?
Oh, and to not stress about what things need to be done so much that I can't enjoy the things I want to get done.
In light of what this semester has in store for me, I have started this blog. I don't expect to impress anyone with what I have to say and it is certainly not my intention to amuse everyone. I hope as a reader of this blog, you know me, and therefore you won't be expecting those results either. I will possibly mildly entertain, but I would advise to keep low standards for that as well. A general low quality standard for this blog would be my best advice to you.
 at this time.
Since I have yet to come up with a clever sign off...
There ya go.

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