Sunday, November 4, 2012

black cherry.

Life is full of unexpected events.

A lot happened yesterday so I decided to share it all now before we head up North tomorrow morning.

Saturday was one of the best days I’ve had here so far. We started our day by finishing the theatre walk. Well, we stopped by Ben’s Cookies, a talked up bakery shop that we obviously had to try. It exceeded expectations.

We started near Trafalgar Square at M&M world. It is the largest M&M store in the world, supposedly. It was rival to Disneyworld as the happiest place on earth. The music was fun, the entire place inside and out was brightly colored, and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time we were in there. So really, for a largely decent amount of time. It was literally a kid in a candy shop feeling, as well as situation.

We walked through Trafalgar Square and got pictures with the lions, of course. I wish it would’ve been recorded how pathetic and ridiculous I looked as I struggled to get up on top of the lion. After at least ten minutes I ended up getting there…and facing the wrong way.

Eventually I got turned the right way, with some difficulty, and then we continued on our way. The next area we were in was London Chinatown—it smelled amazing and it was so cool to see the extent of the variety of cultures that London has.

From there we made our way to Fulham via double-decker buses for the Fulham v. Everton football match. You must realize that I LOVE soccer. Football. Whatever. Either way, it’s the world’s favorite sport. It’s my favorite sport. I’ve already bought a soccer ball here and plan on picking it up again once I get back Winter semester, as well as continuing trying to play in Hyde Park every so often. We’ve only been able to do that once, but when we did, it was SO much fun. There were only seven of us and it was completely muddy and full of potholes.  How many times did I fall? Whatever you guessed, it was definitely more.

Here would be an awesome picture of me at the game. But the pictures just won't load. Super lame.

ANYWAY. Yeah, soccer is the best thing ever and I absolutely love going to games, let alone a premier league game in London. You remember how I said to get to my heart, you go through my stomach? Well, another way is to take me to soccer games. Then you’re set. Ooh, even better—get me food while at a soccer game.

The atmosphere was so energizing. The majority of the crowd was, on a scale from slightly to stumbling, intoxicated. The conversations I overheard were interesting, the noise level was invigorating, and the game was SO AWESOME! They never challenge each other, (and let’s be real, that’s on more of a lower level of skill—why risk losing possession when you can pass? But at the same time that’s when the good stuff happens) and when they actually do, they flop like crazy. And that is just annoying. Besides that, it reminded me that soccer guys are the way to go. I already knew that but it was a nice reminder. Bonus, the ratio was finally in our favor! There were definitely more guys than girls in the stands. I think that was the first time since being here that that has happened. That added to the already soaring heights of excitement.

We got watery hot chocolate and some really freaking good cheeseburgers while we enjoyed watching one of the most wonderful spectacles ever.

We made our way back to the center via the buses and stopped for dinner along the way. Note to self and everyone else—when you go to a place called ‘Waffle Palace’, don’t get a Panini. Get a waffle.
Or a milkshake! Or both. Anything but a Panini.

Backstory really quick. For the past couple years, one of my closest friends has been telling me if I dye my hair again, I should try for an auburn or burgundy color. I always brushed it off, not really thinking I would want to go through that process again. One of my good friends here has been talking up about dying our hair next semester when we get back to BYU with a two month dye that just washes out over time. I agreed to this deal and we’ve been looking forward to it. BUT.

So during our walk that morning, we found a little convenience store that caught our attention so we stopped in it. We looked around and lo and behold—temporary hair dye, comes out in 28 washes.

My friend looked at me, looked at the dark brown hair dye, and back to me. I looked at her, looked at the black cherry hair dye, and looked back at her. EASY.

So when we got back to the center that night, we had a hair dying party.

You'll just have to skype me to find out what my hair looks like because the picture won't load.
That was my Saturday! I had so much fun!

Today was Fast Sunday and one of the best Sundays I’ve had here as well. This weekend just rocked. In my ward there were three boys who announced their mission calls—I’m pretty sure that was the entirety of the Young Men. But how cool is that! They’re all going to different missions within England. I’m so excited for them. I don’t know their names but I’m still so excited. AND there was a baby blessing! And the testimonies that were shared were amazing. I am so grateful for the people in my ward and the opportunity I have to see their strength as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They’re inspirational.

I was able to Skype for a couple hours with a good friend I made in Oregon from the summer after church and it was great! We hadn’t spoken in a while and it was fun to swap adventures, mine from London and other places we’ve been in Europe and his from his schooling and residing in Japan.

Tomorrow we are leaving to meander up north. I’ll be sure to try and blog quite a bit this week, if the internet permits.

Here are a few random things to know about where we are, what we do, and how we do it:

Tesco and Marcs and Spenser’s are the places to go grocery shopping. They’re close, cheap, and have the basics. If we want to go shopping for clothes of any kind, Primark is the place to go. It’s HUGE—imagine a classy Wal-mart without the crazies and cheap quality. Oxford Street has Primark and plenty more shopping opportunities.

I’ve still been keeping missionary hours to the best of my abilities and it’s worked out really well so far! I’ve also started preparing for a mission by reading Preach My Gospel and I love it.

We still take tour buses for day trips, though Peter is dearly missed. Bueno bars are one of the best chocolate bars ever. I really like Crunchies, too. It’s like honeycomb covered in chocolate. They have a lot more Cadbury chocolates here as well. Galaxy bars are also a prime choice. Pad Thai is delicious almost anywhere you go and it’s still one of my favorites.

The Tube is…an experience. It breaks down quite frequently, it gets overcrowded often, and is usually really hot. Some stations require you to go down two or three escalators to get to the train and there are ads everywhere for all sorts of things.

That’s all I can think of right now. I’m going to be in Scotland this week.

There ya go.

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